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Creating a Giant Awesome Keto Recipe Spreadsheet! : ketorecipes

Hey r/ketorecipes friends! I am looking to make a giant Keto Recipe database! I have added roughly 70ish recipes that I either LOVE or I have found on Reddit and would love to try to the spreadsheet already. I’d like to flesh this out even more with recipes from you!

I’ve included below the link to a Google Form that will gather some bare bones info on the recipe you want to submit. I’ve tried to keep it pretty short and sweet so that it doesn’t take 18 years to input. Please, please consider helping me out with this spreadsheet and bookmark it so you can use it too! The link to the spreadsheet in question is in the description of the Google Form. =]

Remember, any recipe that you made and was SOOOO GOOOOD only. I don’t want anything mediocre in this jank. Thanks in advance, you’re the best!

Ps. I’m sharing on as many keto subreddits as possible to get as much exposure as possible!

Pps. Please no promotional recipes. I want recipes that you love and want to make again and again. I’m doing this with the only intention of gathering awesome recipes to share with everyone. Thanks!

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